Sometimes the heart begins to sing and full of inspiration the thoughts, poetry and music are a joy to write. The following are the songs and words of my heart, some of which are sent out to Earthsend.  Carolyn Jackson.

Remaining in Light, celebrating breath, becoming fulfilled, is life’s first great service.

The expectancy of joy and love is always justified. To all of those who passionately love the Light, whose greatest longing is to serve the power of Love, who desire nothing more than to become ALL that they are…..This page is for you.

There is a great secret here among us, That it is possible to love each other, That it is possible to heal together…. .


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Under a veil of starlight the hearts begin to gather...Some with the strength of valor...some with the passion of youth...some with the shyness of innocence. The older stepping forward, surely knowing the song they are about to sing...the young, hesitating, still trying to remember.water lillie

The conductor arrives and deftly raises his baton, his own heart begins the song. Majestically the rhythms rise...sweetly the melodies entwine...the harmonies soar.

Joining as one, these true hearts begin singing... into a liquid sea of love, they are joining...melding into currents of joy.

Until moved and absolved by the magic of the conductor's wand and the remembrance of this heart song, they are merged. One heart...One song...One massive wave of gratitude and celebration in love's eternal ocean.


Miracles await a gentle touch, and love speaks to those who will listen


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purple flower


Have you met yet, the stranger within? Did you feel it...your did it begin? It was not your mother, nor your father, who birthed you here. It is the stranger within who brought you, my dear. And who has walked with you every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day...was it your friend, your sister, your brother, as they say?

Have you met ...yet...the stranger within? And who is it that knows your secrets...the tears...the fears..the wounds that scar your tender heart? Have you met...yet...the stranger within? And with whose love, did you love? With whose joy, did you celebrate? What time did you consecrate...dedicate? Have you met...yet...the stranger within? And when your breath finally ends and your life is over... you will discover that this patient stranger was indeed your lover... Have you met...yet...the strange within?



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We have gathered here to express the very highest of the human soul.

There is a call for every heart to awaken, it is time to come home.

If there is a question….there is an answer.
If there is a problem….there is a solution.

Last night I had a dream that the leaders of the world remembered…. who they were, and why they led. They looked to their people and helped them to remember. They fed them, healed them, and improved the quality of their lives. They cleaned the oceans, streams, and rivers, and cherished the land. There was no time for war.

The lamp is already lit, Let the light shine!






Breathe in, breathe out....
the holiest of holies is coming to me. Breathe in...breathe out... the most sacred of sacraments is being given to me. Breathe in...breathe out... the tenderest of lovers is loving me.



I thought I knew what love was, but I found it was an ocean without end. I thought I knew what peace was, but I found it was the stillness within my soul. I thought I knew what joy was, but I found it was a dance beyond my control.






Teach this reckless warrior to gently disarm...that to follow love's courier she need only kneel down. Show the humorous absurdity in postures of power...that there is a strength in humility, before which even monsters will cower. Show me rainbows, great mixtures of longing and love..with tender sweet elixers, fill me...with the peace of the dove.

Brush the sweat of struggle from these weary eyes...banish forever, its tangled muddle...with simplicity...replace the lies. Play me as if all of my life were your song, with love's true sight, I surrender...for it is to you, that I belong.



May the hand of compassion touch all hearts, Soothing and healing with infinite tenderness, The worries and woes that are carried there. 

What if...we wanted peace and didn't wait for the fighting to end? What if … we found it within ourselves? What if we wanted love...and didn't look for it in another? What if...we found it within ourselves?
What if…we wanted God and knew where to look ?
What if….we found it within ourselves?


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May your heart always be open,

May the way be always clear,
May your thoughts be of peace and your spirit dance with joy,
And may love surround you,
Always and forever!!



What shall we speak of here tonight?
Shall we speak of love, tonight?


the gently opening of its fragile flower, its blinding beauty... the passion in its power?

Or shall we speak of joy tonight?

the innocence of its delight in all things magical... its bubbling mirth... wonderfully uncontrollable?

Shall we speak of freedom's places?

the true neverland of no returning, its high flights spurred on by depths of yearning?

Or shall we speak of giving, tonight?

as the stars do to the night...or the blind man returned his sight?

Or shall we simply share moments of being?

of enjoying every feeling...the in and out of breathing... the beauty found in living?


It is harder to hold on than to let go.
It is more difficult to despair than to hope.
It is impossible to seek and not find.






Dedication means loving something so much, that no fear, or doubt can stand in the way.

One person practicing Reiki, may seem like a small thing, multiply that person by twenty and you affect the energy of a city. Multiply that twenty by a thousand and you affect a country. Multiply that twenty thousand by twenty thousand more and you affect the world.






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Fulfillment is being held in the arms of that
which has loved you since before you were born...

and the celebration of every breath in each moment of living. Fulfillment is the banishment of all doubt and all fear by the force of undefeatable love, which has always been and will always remain. Fulfillment is eyes filled with clarity, and a heart resting gently in an ocean of peace, which is home. Fulfillment is the the light and the melody of the song of truth, which is eternally sung in the depths of the soul. Fulfillment is the purest of healing waters, which has forever been rinsing the dust from the spirit to clothe it in its own garments of beauty. Fulfillment is the remembrance of that which has already been written...always was...and always will be.


One by one we have gathered here:
Having patience and commitment
One by one the changes will appear
One by one... one by one... by one... by one... by one... by one.



As I travel into the center of the immensity of that which I am, all I find is light.

I become surrounded by it, engulfed by it, and know nothing else but it.

There is a lightness in my being which is indescribeable ...


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