The following events occur every month (unless otherwise noted).
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Events: Introduction to Reiki, Reiki Exchange, Level I and Level II Traditional Usui Reiki with Carolyn Jackson LMP

REIKIpronounced ray kee is a Japanese healing art. It is used as a form of complimentary medicine for serious diseases such as Cancer, MS, Parkinson’s and Heart Conditions as well as for simple relaxation and stress relief. It is a very simple, but powerful method used by families and practitioners around the world. Carolyn Jackson is a Licensed Massage Practitioner and has taught Reiki Classes for over thirty years.

Level I Reiki Class at the Cancer Center in Bellingham WA.

A Level I Reiki class will begin at the Bellingham Cancer Center on Tues  Sept 27th at 12 pm –  1:30 pm and continue for the next six weeks, every Tues. This class is for Cancer Patients and Caregivers who are part of the Cancer Center Program. Call (360) 220-6636 for more details. Care givers commonly take this class to help those they are caring for, with side effects of Chemotherapy and to optimize healing. This is a free class for Cancer Center patients and caregivers.

Reiki treatments for Cancer patients going through treatment at the Bellingham Cancer Center every other Friday  10 AM or 11 AM beginning April 1 These are at no cost and are at the Cancer Center. Both massage with Reiki or Reiki are available.

A Level I Class for the general public is on Saturday, Oct 29  in Blaine from 10AM to 4PM. Please call (360) 220-6636 to preregister cost $125

Working with Cancer patients has been and continues to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The people I meet through the Cancer Center are some of the positive people I know. They are open to exploring the possibilities of Reiki, both in treatments and in classes.  They have told me that Reiki helps with their anxiety, gives them a sense of deep peace and has definitely helped with the effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation. Those who receive treatments on a regular basis and those who have taken the class and use Reiki on themselves are seeing some remarkable effects.

Treatments and Classes are available through the Cancer Center for free, or in Blaine for the usual cost.

REIKI and HERBS – two days  Sunday May 15th from 10 AM – 4 PM learning  two new symbols and how to add Reiki to herbs. Sunday May 22nd from 10 AM  – 4PM making water infusions for healing with herbs. Cost $200

Weekly Planetary Event: Global Reiki Network – Earthsend

Join a network of international Reiki Masters and Practitioners as we bathe the planet and humanity in Reiki every week. Please visit Earthsend. For more details on the Global Reiki Network, visit our Earthsend page or visit us on Facebook….

Date: Every Friday, 2:00 pm PST  with daylight savings in effect the time is 1:00 pm PST


Class: Individual and group classes
Instructor: Carolyn Jackson

Classes in Herbal Medicine, The creation of stone mandalas, Traditional Usui Reiki (1st, 2nd and 3rd degree) and advanced Reiki with Carolyn Jackson are also available for individuals or your group upon request. When organizing a group of five or more, your representative may take the class for free. These classes can be done in a group member’s home or other facility.

Date: TBA
Location: Bellingham or Blaine, WA.
Registration: Call (360) 220-6636 for details