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Innate Foundation welcomes Link Partners who share similar aims and purposes to network for the benefit of providing quality resources in the realms of Personal and Planetary Peace, Inner Growth, and Healing.

Please email us if you're interested in exchanging links. Please note new email address — . Please include: Name of your site, URL, and a brief 10-20 word description of your site, along with the URL where we can find your link to us.


We encourage you to support our Link Partners by visiting their sites.



Words of Peace

An introduction to the humanitarian work of Prem Rawat and simple techniques for getting in touch with and knowing the truth of the self. Inspiring quotes, downloads, schedules of TV and satellite broadcasts from around the world.
A daily dose of Reiki reflection. Community comments warmly welcomed!

Inner Journeys Spiritual Retreats and Eco Tours
Inner Journeys provides the opportunity for you to experience some unique ecotourism adventure travel experiences where you can explore your own spirituality, learn of traditional medicines and spiritual paths from indigenous people

A site dedicated to Reiki in all its different styles: Usui, Karuna, Tibetan, Advanced, Reiki Training, Japanese and Reiki Healing. There are many interesting articles on the spiritual approach of Reiki, as well as links to other remarkable sites. This web site was created by Reiki Master Gianluigi Costa, National Director/President of Associazione Italiana Reiki (A.I.RE.)

Fine Art of 

Carolyn Jackson has been illustrating her books, poems and messages to the Global Reiki Network for years, now her orginal watercolors and prints are being sold at Fine Art of America

Abova! Holistic Services
A healing practice designed to guide and help you deepen your life's journey and accelerate your personal and spiritual growth. Abova! Holistic Services offers personal exploration and development towards natural healing that answers that persistent undefined sense of dissatisfaction and longing.

Brut of Windhorse Healing Arts and Holistic Academy
This academy offers courses that speak of hope, balance, alternative healing modalities, inner strength, knowledge and spirituality. The curriculum embraces various cultures and is an international collage of wisdom.

Lightness of Being

Nancy Russell Reiki Master and Energy Therapy practitioner, offers information, classes and private sessions. Find connection and support as you accelerate your journey.

 Mobile Reiki Therapy   Mobile Reiki Therapy offers treatments and consultations which focus on the the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of traditional Japanese Reiki. We take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Silencio Music  Blissful CDs and downloads for relaxation, meditation and yoga.

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