Carolyn Jackson

For information on Reiki and Healing sessions, classes, workshops in the Bellingham area. or membership in Earthsend; please call (USA) 360-220-6636, or    new email address

sunsetRobert Affolter

For information regarding Chiropractic or Online Chiropractic Eduction; please call (USA) 360-671-1020.

Suzanne Wynne

For information on Reiki sessions and classes in the greater Seattle, Washington area; please call (USA) 206-784-2988, or email .

Sara Strasburger

For information on Reiki sessions and classes, or Cranioscral Therapy in the greater Whitefish, Montana area; please call (USA) 406-471-3181.

Alandra Strannyers

For Reiki sessions or counselling in Coquitlam, BC, Canada, please phone (604) 464-2194 for further information.

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