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Tales From The Master  by Carolyn Jackson

Inside all of us there is a story. It is the story of our soul. As the soul heals it tells a tale of unflinching bravery in the face of impossible odds, absolute purity, innocence, generosity, passion, desire and the overwhelming sweetness of love.

As I've treated people over the years, I have "heard" the stories of their souls. Each time, I was in awe of the beauty and stuck by the universality of these stories. Tales From The Master is a collection of the lessons and inspirations of the people I have known.


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Table of Contents

The Elephant and the Flea
Victoria and the River
The Swan
A Mountain Needs a Guide
How to Recognize a Wizard
The Greatest Gift
A Knight and His King
Amanda and the Wind

The Boy and the Wand
Emir and the Lesson of a Sea Dragon
Ranouk and the Chest of Treasure
The Beggar and the Rich Man read now
A Frustrated Wizard
The Island
For One Tiny Angel
A Dance with Light
The Sorcerer's Gift
About the Author


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