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Carolyn Jackson - LMP, RC, Reiki Master/Teacher
with over twenty years experience of teaching and speaking internationally.
Please note: Carolyn Passed Away Recently - this site is a Memorial Archive.

Clinical Treatments

Individual Reiki Treatments - It is possible to heal from cancer, heart attacks, depression, strokes, and other serious illnesses through the use of Reiki. which is commonly known as the ancient healing art of laying on of hands and today is considered by many to be an effective means of energy medicine -  appointments of sixty minutes $50 Blaine $80 Bellingham

(Distant treatments are available to those who cannot be in the presence of the practitioner by emailing Carolyn Jackson at and are on a donation basis)

Swedish Massage combined with Reiki - A traditional sixty minute Swedish Massage combined with the healing art of Reiki.

Intuitive Counseling - It is possible to speak to the soul to find the answers to the questions of Who are you, really? Why are you facing current challenges? Why is sickness and depression manifesting in your life and what changes are necessary to heal.  What has happened to your deceased loved ones and what wisdom do they have to offer? Is your soul mate on earth at this time and where? Your soul knows why your life is unfolding as it is, what challenges you came here to face, and what extraordinary talents you have to give - appointment of sixty minutes  $50 by phone $80 Bellingham or Blaine


Reiki - As A Path of Consciousness

It is becoming increasingly important for each of us to discover our inner self, for the beauty of that self, for the ability of that self to create peace in our world, and in order to complete the journey of life. This is also an apprenticeship program and I am looking for students to teach this course.

The companion text for this series, The Spirit of Reiki, is available online through the Innate Foundation bookstore.

Rainbow Flower by Gary Bandzmer

Reiki - Level I - Using the keys of Reiki to become your infinite self, with all of the power, intuition, and knowing that you are.

Reiki - Level II - Using the keys of Reiki to express the unique gifts and talents of your infinite self  in the world today.

Reiki  - Level III - Living as Light - The keys of Manifestation, the Art of Limitlessness and the Creation of Miracles.

Apprenticeship Program requires weekly participation and mastery of all levels. $6000



Traditional Usui Reiki - The Ancient Healing Art

Level I  - The history and philosophy of Reiki, hand positions for hands on treatments, and attunements.

Level II  - The symbols of traditional Reiki, hands on and remote treatments and attunements.

Level III   - Becoming a Master. The attunement process, teaching students, setting up classes and offering Reiki to the world.

Herbal Medicine and Reiki

For every illness a simple plant has always been growing, but the soils of the Earth, the waters and the air have become depleted due to time and human interference. By learning of these simple healing herbs and returning power to them, by placing them in a medicine basket lined with the symbols of Reiki, we are capable of healing most the the diseases of today.

Making a medicine basket and simple ceremonies and healings with commonly found herbs .

Advanced tinctures and herbs and becoming a teacher.




Dancing the Stones

Creating a personal sacred space, a powerful healing space, or healing our world with stone mandalas marked with patterned symbols of Reiki. These stone circles hold the energy of Reiki more perfectly than any human practitioner and constantly emit the energy of Reiki to the environment in which they are placed.  Based on the booklet Dancing the Stones by Carolyn Jackson and the book The Spirit of Reiki by Carolyn Jackson. Please visit the Innate Foundation bookstore to order online.

Level I - creating a sixteen stone mandala, marked with the symbols of Reiki

Level II - creating a thirty eight stone mandala, marked with the symbols of Reiki

Level III - creating a  sixty two stone mandala, marked with the symbols of Reiki



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