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Prem Rawat
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Internationally-Known Speaker on College Speaking Tour Makes Plea For Renewed Focus on Inner Life as Path to Personal, World Peace  
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Prem Rawat at recent conference

Prem Rawat, the internationally-known teacher who has addressed 4.5 million people around the world on achieving inner peace and contentment, recently brought his special insights and perception to Nova Southeastern University, a stop on a national collegiate tour that also included the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Speaking before a capacity audience of students, faculty, and guests, Prem Rawat questioned the modern obsession with external goals as the path to personal happiness and fulfillment.

Prem Rawat - international event"We do so much to fulfill ourselves on the outside," Prem Rawat said. "We create massive institutions as we seek to expand our outer horizons, yet overlook our inner horizons.

It's perfectly fine to learn about the world, but we must also learn about the heart because true peace is not found outside. Within the heart of every human being lies the possibility for being fulfilled and discovering what is real in life."


In an address covering many aspects of the contemporary quest for a more fulfilled existence, he placed particular emphasis on "the importance of recognizing what it means to be alive" and the need to strengthen the search for peace within first.

"Right now there are a thousand explanations for why we should have wars, but hardly any about why we should have peace. With all the research that is done to efficiently destroy one another, there should be some research done to understand how we can save each other."

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Peace, he stated, "is not an impossible dream for the world." But he also stressed it is something that "begins with each of us. It does not begin with nations. It does not begin with giant institutions. Everyone waits for someone else will bring peace. But we can do this ourselves. We start to say, 'I need peace in my life and let it begin with me,' that is the day we are going to see profound change." He ended his remarks with an affirmation of the simple value of being alive:

"Try to live your life more consciously.
For every day, for every breath, be thankful."


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