Articles: In The Beginning I was Bored

—by Robert Clyde Affolter

One night I was sitting in a small group and we were contemplating the universe and universal design. As I sat I became aware of a universe of energy. However, everything was gray, there were no forms, no thoughts, no emotions, no sensations just a Universe of gray. Everything was peaceful and it was interesting to stay there for a little while; but soon I was bored.

Could that have been the beginning? Some people think we live in a world of chance, that there is no Creator, and everything is random. However, the universe is not random. If it were there would be no cause and effect and our lives would be total chaos. Imagine drilling for oil randomly, or searching for gold randomly. Imagine never working expecting to be paid but thinking that a paycheck was just a random occurrence that happens once in awhile no matter what you do. No, none of us truly believes in a random universe.

If this is a universe of cause and effect, then there must be a first cause after which everything else is effect. That first cause would be the Creator. I have heard many people speculate as to why we were created. One person told me that we were put here to work. I never found that answer satisfactory. The creator of the magnificent world in which I live certainly doesn't need my help to continue it's job.




Others have said that we are here to learn and grow. Learn what and grow to what? Why would an all intelligent Creator build a creation which is designed to learn and grow? Again the answer seemed unsatisfactory and brought no fulfilment.

After experiencing the grayness of the universe and being a little bored I wondered, what if we are part of a giant game? Now many of you will hate that idea. You will think, “My life is serious. My life isn’t a game.” But wait!

If we are built in the image and likeness of our Creator, we can gain some understanding of our Creator by observing ourselves. What do we do when we are bored? We create entertainment. We created football, basketball, plays, movies, books, the list goes on and on. If we can create good games, what kind of game could our Creator create? The ultimate game–the Game of Life.




No game is worthwhile if you don't take it seriously. Who wants to watch two teams play football if neither team cares whether or not they win? Who wants to see a lopsided game where one team trounces the other? We want to see passion, drive, desire, and competition. One Olympic competitor said that he wanted to compete against athletes at their best so that when he won he knew he had beaten the best in the world.

So the best games we create, we take seriously. Take that up to infinity and you suddenly realize why you take your life so seriously. The Creator made this game life or death! Now you begin to get a small glimpse of the intelligence of the Creator.

Of course next, we will have someone who doesn't want to play. Life is too hard. The struggle is too much. The Creator should just let me have an easy life of luxury. Okay. But first you have to understand the game and how to play or stop playing.

I think it was before the experience of seeing the universe as gray that I had the idea for the game of life. One night I was watching one of my sons play a video game. He was actively BEING the character on the screen. His body would jump and jerk as his hands moved the joy stick, his eyes glued to the screen and his mind totally absorbed. What a game! He was no longer a human sitting on the floor in a house playing a game. He was a character in a video game and nce he had the game beaten he was tired of it and ready for another game. Of course, I was above all that, I was playing computer solitaire.



What makes good entertainment? Each of us is different and we like different things. Some of us like humerus movies. Some of us like love stories. Others may prefer some action, war drama. Still others may prefer to use their minds to solve a mystery. A good movie, book or any entertainment holds our attention and arouses some emotion within us.

What makes a good game? We like competition, winners and losers. Whether the competitor is a computer game, a mountain slope, or a human being, we enjoy the challenge and the thrill of victory when we overcome the competitor. If our Creator wanted to create a game which It could play, what would It have to do?

Is it possible that our current technology with virtual reality is very similar to our Creator’s game of life? Has this game been constructed so that the Creator can become each player in the creation and play all positions simultaneously? If so, then each of us is the Creator in disguise playing a game which we take quite seriously. How does It create the disguise and why do we forget who we are?

We are given a body which experiences sensations such as heat, sound, sight, touch, smell, taste, position sense, pain and sex. We are also given a thinking unit which stores memories and processes information. So far I have said nothing that you did not already know. You were also given awareness and an ability to choose. Ah! Have you thought about that?

You have an ability to choose what you want to do with your life. You can choose your experience. You can choose pleasure or pain. You can direct your thinking unit. You can also quit playing the game. The choice is yours.

Make the most of this opportunity. Don’t be bored. Have a wonderful experience. Have a beautiful life.


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